Watford 10K

Money Raised: How It's Used

The Watford 10k is organised by Watford Mencap to support their Children’s Centre.

We are a local independent charity and all the funds we raise are spent on services for local people in Watford, Three Rivers and Hertsmere. Last year we supported over 1500 people with a learning disability and their families. The term learning disability covers a broad spectrum of conditions such as autism and Down’s syndrome; all of them are lifelong disabilities and often our clients are excluded from activities that you and I take for granted.

One of our key services is our Children’s Centre. Here we support children and young people aged 5 to 19 with a learning disability and help them to achieve their full potential. The Children’s Centre provides specially designed, welcoming and spacious facilities – two playrooms, a soft-play area, sensory room and garden.

£30 Could...

Enable a child with a learning disability to attend 3 hours of After School Activities at our fully accessible centre in Watford. This gives children an opportunity to play and learn new skills within our inclusive environment, whilst also providing vital respite for parents and carers.

A parent recently said “Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to help make life for families like ours a little easier.

£75 Could...

Enable a young person with a learning disability to attend a 10 week ICT skill building course to make the digital world more accessible.

The course focusses on empowering people to develop keyboard skills, take part in social networking activities, access online services to perform tasks like book appointments, and do online shopping, all of which help to reduce isolation an enable more independent.

£100 Could...

Pay for a teenager to attend sessions at our weekly Youth Club for a whole month.

Our Youth Club is the only local one that caters for the needs of teenagers with learning disabilities. For many of the teenagers it’s the only opportunity they have for social inclusion outside of school, and guarantees their parents 3 hours of needed respite a week.

£750 Could...

Pay for a healthy 3 course meal, including fresh fruit and vegetables for every child with learning disability who is attending After School Activities for a whole term – that’s 780 meals!

All the funds raised from the Watford 10k will be used to support the valuable work at Watford Mencap, and help enrich the lives of local people with a learning disability who use the centre. Last year we supported over 1500 people with a learning disability and their families. For this service to continue, your donation is vital.